You Can Score Better: Kymira Infrared Tech Benefits 10+

The crisp air invigorates, the challenge beckons. Whether you’re aiming for that elusive hole-in-one, focusing on perfect shot placement on the range, or battling for the biggest catch on the water, KYMIRA Infrared tech benefits are not about shortcuts; they are about harnessing science to elevate your entire outdoor experience.

Unlock a Multitude of Advantages:

Every KYMIRA® garment equips you with a suite of performance-enhancing benefits. Experience an integrated approach to outdoor athleticism:

  • Become a Peak Performer: Experience enhanced endurance, faster lactic acid removal, reduced muscle soreness, and increased power output to push your limits further.
  • Sharpen Your Focus: Amplified circulation supports improved focus and potentially faster reaction times, keeping you mentally sharp when it matters most.
  • Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable: Maintain a comfortable body temperature with optimal thermoregulation. Moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry, and built-in sun protection (SPF35) safeguards you from harmful rays.
  • Move with Confidence: Improved muscle condition and elasticity combined with reduced risk of fatigue-based injuries allows you to explore with confidence. Experience pain relief and a smoother, more enjoyable experience.
  • Recover Faster: Accelerate rehabilitation with faster muscle repair, reduced inflammation, and improved circulation for efficient waste removal and nutrient delivery.
  • Sleep Soundly: Reduced fatigue and soreness translate to better recovery and deeper, more restful sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the next challenge.

Real People, Real Results: Unleashing Potential Together

The benefits of KYMIRA® infrared technology extend far beyond the lab. From battling for world championships to conquering personal bests, athletes of all levels are experiencing the difference KYMIRA® can make.

Kymira Infrared Tech Benefits

GB Team Rower Emily Ashford emphasizes the role KYMIRA® technology plays in her training regime.

“It’s truly fantastic what technology can do these days from reducing pain and increasing circulation to regulating heat and reducing the DOMs. I was aware that every recovery session counted and was getting me one step closer to returning to rowing, so using technology that could help aid that recovery was a no brainer.”

Sharpshooters like Sam Ward from Edgar Brothers have seen a 10% increase in scores in just a few sessions thanks to KYMIRA®’s focus-enhancing technology. He attributes his newfound success to the way KYMIRA® helps him stay centered and dialed in during competition.

Challenger for ITU World Champion Aquabike Race, Carl Vidgen, credits KYMIRA® infrared compression socks with accelerating his recovery from an Achilles tendon injury, allowing him to return to competition sooner. “The faster recovery time is a game-changer,” he says. And Age Group Triathlete Liam Walker highlights not only the performance benefits of KYMIRA® clothing, but also the comfort and quality of the garments. He says KYMIRA® has helped him say goodbye to DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and achieve “longer, faster, better sessions.”

Golfers are also impressed with KYMIRA®. Professional golfer Sam Robinson credits KYMIRA® socks with accelerating his recovery from an ankle ligament tear, allowing him to get back on the course faster. “I haven’t taken the socks off since,” he says. Amateur golfer Marina Bobeldijk reports significant improvement in recovery after a round and even better sleep when she wears KYMIRA®. “I feel so much better the next day,” she says.

Mike Harris, Editor of Golf Monthly Digest added our polo shirt to his Editor’s Picks after a round to assess “the performance of the technology-packed shirt and mid layer”. His verdict: “Golf is a game of marginal gains and golfers that struggle with ongoing niggles should consider giving Kymira Golf apparel a go.”

Unveiling the Power Within:

KYMIRA® rewrites the script for peak outdoor performance. The infrared clothing seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology that translates directly into tangible benefits on the field, range, or water. Feel the power surge. KYMIRA® apparel is designed to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production, propelling you into sustained peak performance zones. This translates to extended power on the golf course, unwavering focus on the shooting range, or unwavering strength throughout your entire angling session. Studies have shown that KYMIRA® can lead to a noticeable increase in overall power output, allowing you to push your limits and potentially reach new personal bests.

Staying sharp is crucial for any outdoor athlete. KYMIRA® elevates your game by amplifying circulation, delivering a constant stream of oxygen to your tissues. Imagine giving your muscles a permanent breath of fresh air. This translates to improved focus and potentially faster reaction times. Whether lining up that perfect putt, zeroing in on your target, or tracking your prey’s movements with laser focus, KYMIRA® can equip you with the mental clarity and agility needed to excel. Studies have shown that KYMIRA® can lead to significant improvements in tissue oxygen levels, potentially enhancing your ability to perform at your peak for extended periods.

Level Up Your Speed & Strength & Grip:

KYMIRA® goes beyond just feeling good. It translates to real-world results. Wearing KYMIRA® infrared products during performance increases your tissue oxygen levels, which has been shown to enhance your speed, giving you that competitive edge. A recent study also showed a mean grip strength increase of over 12% in dominant hands, following a 90 minute period of wear, when compared to not wearing Kymira. This translates to more power and control during any activity.

Staying Healthy, Injury-Free, and Recovering Faster:

Beyond peak performance, KYMIRA® prioritizes keeping you healthy and injury-free. Studies show a significant reduction in soft tissue injuries with regular use of KYMIRA® apparel. It’s like putting on a suit of armour for your body, giving you the confidence to explore freely, knowing your muscles are resilient and ready for anything.

Injury Prevention:

KYMIRA® infrared products target specific muscle groups, increasing Nitric Oxide which improves muscle condition and elasticity, allowing you to stretch further and reduce your risk of injury. Additionally, KYMIRA® can help alleviate existing niggles and potentially aid recovery from old injuries. Furthermore, KYMIRA® helps reduce fatigue-based injuries, which are more common when form suffers due to tiredness.


Even the most dedicated outdoor athlete experiences muscle soreness. KYMIRA® tackles this head-on by promoting faster recovery. The garments increase blood flow, which accelerates muscle repair and reduces inflammation. It’s like having a built-in recovery system. During interval training sessions, KYMIRA® wearers see a significant improvement in heart rate recovery between intervals compared to normal sportswear. This shows a clear benefit in the body’s ability to recover and perform at a higher level throughout a session.

KYMIRA® accelerates recovery by delivering more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your muscles, while also removing waste products quicker through increased circulation. The increased tissue oxygen levels help your muscle fibres heal faster, with research suggesting a 140% to 210% increase in cellular growth and repair. KYMIRA® also promotes active recovery by increasing local circulation, even when you’re resting, allowing your muscles to flush waste products and bring in nutrients for repair.


KYMIRA® products are valuable tools for both preventing injuries and recovering from them if they occur. Physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths widely recommend and use KYMIRA® garments to aid rehabilitation from sporting injuries, surgery, or other conditions. The pain relief benefits of KYMIRA® work alongside its support for soft tissue repair, inflammation reduction, and improved circulation. Studies show Nitric Oxide can be powerful in preventing muscle-disuse atrophy, a common concern during rehabilitation. KYMIRA® products are also found to be useful for supporting a physical rehabilitation program. With increased blood flow and oxygen levels, KYMIRA® helps break down lactic acid and reduce muscle soreness (DOMS). Rehabilitation professionals and users report an accelerated physical rehabilitation process when using KYMIRA® products.

Comfort and Practical Benefits for the Outdoors

Regulating temperature is key to both performance and recovery. KYMIRA® helps you stay comfortable throughout your adventure by managing your body’s temperature fluctuations. They achieve this by using materials that are designed to be breathable and wick away moisture, keeping you cool when you’re exerting yourself and warm when resting.

While they can’t guarantee a perfect metabolic temperature all the time, KYMIRA® apparel helps minimize these fluctuations, allowing your body to function more efficiently.

Travel Management

Travel can be a drag on your body. KYMIRA® garments can help mitigate the negative effects of travel by promoting circulation and reducing swelling. This allows you to arrive at your destination feeling fresher, reducing recovery time and acclimation. The thermoregulatory properties help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your journey, and the built-in SPF35 sun protection provides an extra layer of defence when you reach your sunny destination.

Many travellers use compression socks to prevent DVTs (Deep Vein Thrombosis). However, these require active muscle engagement for maximum benefit. KYMIRA® products work differently. They increase circulation through the production of nitric oxide, not through compression. This means you can benefit from KYMIRA® even while still being seated during travel. But KYMIRA® compression socks are also available for those who want the combined benefits of infrared and compression.


A good night’s sleep is crucial for recovery and peak performance. KYMIRA® sleepwear can improve sleep quality by over 15%, leading to reduced fatigue and soreness. Wearers report falling asleep faster, experiencing fewer night-time awakenings, and waking up feeling more rejuvenated. This allows you to hit the ground running the next day and fully embrace your outdoor adventure.

Comfort is Paramount

KYMIRA® understands that comfort is essential for any outdoor enthusiast. Their apparel is designed for a wide range of activities and weather conditions, using materials that feel like a second skin. KYMIRA® garments move freely with your body, allowing you to perform at your best without restriction.

In conclusion, KYMIRA® apparel isn’t just a collection of separate benefits – it’s a holistic solution for outdoor athletes. By increasing oxygen and circulation, KYMIRA® offers a comprehensive range of advantages, all wrapped up in comfortable, technologically advanced clothing. It’s like having a built-in performance and recovery coach working for you.

Unleash Your Potential with KYMIRA®

KYMIRA® products integrate seamlessly into your active lifestyle, supporting you throughout the entire preparation, perfomance and recovery cycle:

  • Prepare: Prime your muscles, prevent injuries, and boost circulation for best performance. Wear KYMIRA® garments 30 minutes before activity.
  • Perform: Experience the benefits of increased oxygen and circulation your activities
  • Recover: Support your body’s natural recovery process for at least 1 hour after exercise with KYMIRA® apparel.
  • Rehabilitate: Maximize recovery and manage injuries by wearing KYMIRA® garments as much as possible during rehabilitation.

The embedded infrared technology in KYMIRA® products offers lasting benefits. The minerals are woven into the fibres themselves, ensuring the infrared effect is continuous and won’t diminish over time. Safe for continual use and FDA-approved as a Class I medical device, KYMIRA® apparel is your trusted partner on the path to peak performance and a healthy you.

Unlock the secret weapon of elite athletes. Shop KYMIRA® and elevate your outdoor experience.

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