KYMIRA® blends infrared technology and high-quality sportswear to create market-leading performance and recovery apparel. 

KYMIRA® is one of the world’s leading smart garment companies and a multi-award-winning innovator. The company was founded in 2013, following 5 years of academic research and development, by a former athlete and biochemist. Looking for a way that he could accelerate his rehabilitation as an injured athlete, he found research published by NASA about how they used infrared light to grow plants quicker in space. This sparked an idea that the use of infrared light could stimulate human cell growth and accelerate cell performance and healing.

This is achieved by creating specially constructed fibres, and embedding carefully selected minerals. These minerals absorb otherwise wasted energy from the wearer and the surrounding light. Unlike other infrared technologies on the market, Kymira’s technology is permanently locked into the fibres and cannot escape until the materials are recycled. This ensures the long-lasting effectiveness of the technology throughout the lifespan of the garment.

The use of patented KYnergy® technology in KYMIRA® fabrics unlocks another level of athletic potential. Independent clinical and scientific tests prove KYMIRA® Infrared Technology offers up to a 93% energy recycle rate; expediting recovery times, boosting performance, and drastically accelerating rehabilitation effectiveness. 

“Sceptics are really important because everyone should be sceptical of confident claims like ours because they’re quite bold. They’re substantiated but they’re bold because they’re substantiated.”

Tim Brownstone, CEO Kymira Ltd

KYMIRA®: The Difference That Matters

The best part? All of this is achieved through comfortable clothing that seamlessly integrates into any routine. 

No adverse reactions. No requirements to take additional equipment on the road. True passive therapy with immediate and long-lasting benefits. 

In a world where the difference between success and failure is down to the finest of margins, you want every possible advantage – KYMIRA® is that difference. 

The Science Behind Kymira’s Infrared Technology

Kymira®’s infrared technology targets the “far infrared” or “FIR” region, demonstrating remarkable physiological effects: 

  • Increased nitric oxide production 
  • Improved circulation 
  • Enhanced respiration efficiency 
  • Accelerated ATP synthesis 
  • Effective thermoregulation 
  • Reduced pain scores 


KYMIRA® products stimulate the production of nitric oxide, speeding the delivery of repair agents to tissues and increasing the removal of waste products from the blood. 

In studies, KYMIRA® products increased tissue oxygen levels by 20% on average, peaking and maintaining after 70 minutes. 

Infrared technology doesn’t just aid recovery; it enhances the body’s energy production, accelerating the repair of exercise-induced microtears, reducing DOMS, and supporting overall muscle recovery. 

  • Immediate recovery benefits
  • 20% increase in tissue oxygen levels
  • Faster recovery compared to traditional methods

Injury Mitigation

  • Confidence to Push Limits
  • KYnergy® enhancing muscle readiness

Independent studies reveal that Kymira® infrared fabric technologies enhance the depth and efficiency of sleep. As a cornerstone of recovery, improved sleep quality positively impacts neural, endocrine, and soft tissue recovery. 

A Night of Enhanced Recovery: A sleep study with student athletes from the University of Texas (UT) found that when wearing KYMIRA®: 

  • Sleep quality improvement by 15.9% 
  • Reduction in fatigue by 15.8% 
  • 13.6% reduction in soreness (during sleep) 

Traveling Smart 

Experience the benefits of greater tissue oxygen levels and vasodilation during travel with Kymira® products. In randomized studies, Kymira’s products increased tissue oxygen levels by 20%, mitigating adverse effects like jetlag and stiffness. 

Arrive Ready for Action:

  • Tissue oxygen levels increased by 20%
  • Reduced muscle deterioration and swelling
  • Thermoregulation and comfort benefits

Whether traveling for business, leisure, or sport, the benefits are the same – for sportswear KYMIRA® and arrive ready for action. 

Simply put, while wearing KYMIRA® products – it is scientifically shown that athletes increase their power output, reach new endurance levels, and recover in session, with the same perceived amount of fatigue. 

No matter how small or big the gains are it can be the difference between winning and losing – and it’s as simple as getting dressed. 

What Top Athletes Say About Kymira® And Injury 

Snapped ligament, herniated disk & a broken foot

“During my many years working with the physio, it was apparent that the exercises I was carrying out to help me recover were intense and painful. To help me through this process and allow me to have better quality sessions, I opted for wearable sport technology brand, KYMIRA Sport.

It’s truly fantastic what technology can do these days from reducing pain and increasing circulation to regulating heat and reducing the DOMs. I was aware that every recovery session counted and was getting me one step closer to returning to rowing, so using technology that could help aid that recovery was a no brainer.”

Professional Rower – Emily Ashford

Knee Injury and Achilles Injury

“After suffering from a very painful knee and most recently an Achilles injury KYMIRA clothing has definitely helped (and Goodbye DOM’s, hello to longer, faster, better sessions too!). 

Let’s be honest though you’ll probably still want to know if the materials are comfy and have a premium build. 

I say without hesitation this is the case! I feel like a true athlete when I’m wearing KYMIRA” 

Age Group Triathlete – Liam Walker 

Broken Arm

“After a perfect start to the season when I won the first BMX National, unfortunately round 2 I had a huge crash and broke my left arm. KYMIRA have been absolutely invaluable to my recovery. The IR50 long sleeve top promotes blood circulation, increases oxygenation of the blood, helps remove lactic acid and it also helps reduce aches and pains. Wearing the top made a huge difference, after just 7 weeks in recovery I went on to win round 3 of the British Fullcross Mountain Bike series, Thank you KYMIRA!”

Professional Cyclist – Scott Beaumont

Raynaud Syndrome & Menopause

“I’ve suffered from mild Raynaud syndrome in my fingers and toes which is exacerbated when I spend hours running in the cold and wet weather (oh, the joys of living in the UK) that mother nature throws at me. In the past couple of years, another issue has arisen – I’m a 52 year old woman going through the peri-menopause and hot flushes are now a part of my life. KYMIRA Sport’s infrared technology sports gear has become an integral part of my training. The infrared technology increases the blood flow to my outer extremities and disperses the heat that my body generates. The beauty of this technology is that my KYMIRA Sport kit also helps with the dissipation of the heat that comes from the hot flushes I’m experiencing – in any weather (oh, the joys of peri-menopause).”

Ultra-Runner & Adventure Athlete – Nikki Love

Achilles Tendon Injury

“In the latter part of 2017 I suffered an Achilles tendon injury which left me unable to compete or train for triathlons. No running and very limited bike sessions made it hard to remain focused. 

“This is where the KYMIRA Infrared compression socks aided my recovery. The design and technology supported my calf muscle and Achilles tendon meaning I returned to cycling much quicker than first diagnosed. Taking weeks off my original recovery time. 

“Not only did this help me start training again, but mid 2018 I qualified for the World Aquabike championships to represent Team GB age group team. The socks not only benefit me during exercise but pre and post they keep supporting my muscle/Tendon and the technology in them reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness.”

Challenger for ITU World Champion Aquabike Race – Carl Vidgen 

Darren Stevens – Wisden Cricketer of the Year 2021

These knees aren’t getting any younger and if I want to keep performing at that level, then I have to cut a few things out.

Getting involved with KYMIRA has been a blessing, a God send! I’ve been wearing it since October. I wear it every day and I don’t want to take it off. If I’m still performing, I’m still playing and the worry is if I take it off, I don’t want that old feeling back so I’m constantly wearing it!

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