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At our helm is Diana Phipps, a trailblazer who set the foundation for our journey. Spearheaded by our CEO Michael Davis, a former professional tennis player, and fortified by Jonathan McGee’s unmatched passion for angling and shooting, our team stands as a testament to innovation and expertise.

Our product range is carefully curated. Positioned as a hub supplying Kymira infrared garments to outdoor sports, our flagship Kymira garments exemplify our commitment to enriching your outdoor experiences. Alongside, we are proud to carry custom designed new generation products for golfers and anglers. For golfers, get organized with a set of iGo golf bag accessories. For anglers, organize your flies with the Ripplebox.

These innovations represent the nucleus of our growing range, a testament to our dedication in crafting solutions that amplify both enjoyment and performance. At Tytten, we recognize that greatness doesn’t manifest overnight; it’s an expedition of discovery, refinement, and evolution.

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Smartwear and tech trends that are transforming the world of outdoor sports

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In an era dominated by smart products, with industry leaders like Garmin, Apple, and other tech giants reshaping how we monitor health data, the natural progression extends beyond mere analysis to actively enhancing performance. Early adopters, including astronauts, elite athletes, and adventurers, have embraced cutting-edge products to elevate their lives. Now, the crucial question arises: when will the everyday person seize these transformative benefits? The answer can be now.

Kymira provides an unprecedented opportunity to actively enhance performance. Beyond Kymira, notable trends include the essential role of GPS watches for outdoor enthusiasts, smart textiles embedded with sensors to monitor vital signs, and the immersive experiences offered by Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Additionally, the potential for wearable robots, or exoskeletons, to transform athletic sports looms on the horizon. This collective movement toward technological integration signifies more than just an era of monitoring; it marks a new age of active improvement—a future where individuals can not only gather statistics but also elevate their performance through innovative sportswear solutions.

  1. Kymira infrared clothing:  that uses Far-Infrared (FIR) technology to help improve circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and boost recovery.
  2. GPS watches: GPS watches are a must-have for any outdoor athlete. They can track your speed, distance, and elevation, which can be helpful for setting goals and tracking your progress. Many GPS watches also have built-in heart rate monitors, which can be used to monitor your exertion level and avoid overtraining.
  3. Smart textiles: Smart textiles are fabrics that are embedded with sensors and technology. They can be used to track body temperature, heart rate, and other vital signs. Smart textiles can also be used to provide feedback on performance and to help athletes stay hydrated.
  4. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR): VR and AR are being used to create immersive experiences that can help athletes train and improve their performance. For example, VR can be used to simulate different environments, such as a racecourse or a mountain trail. AR can be used to provide real-time feedback on performance, such as speed and distance.
  5. Wearable robots: Wearable robots are exoskeletons that are worn by athletes to provide support and enhance performance. Wearable robots can be used to improve running speed, cycling efficiency, and lifting strength.

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