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Imagine yourself teeing off with renewed power, casting a line with laser focus, or hitting the target with unwavering precision. What if you could amplify your performance, expedite your recovery, and push beyond your current boundaries? Kymira infrared technology is designed to help you do just that.

Science-Backed Innovation, Not Just Claims

Scepticism is natural when faced with bold assertions. Kymira CEO Tim Brownstone puts it best: “Everyone should be sceptical of confident claims like ours because they’re quite bold. They’re substantiated and they’re bold because they’re substantiated.”

Kymira isn’t about unfounded promises; it’s about innovation grounded in science. Born from an athlete’s quest for a quicker recovery route, Kymira has focused efforts on harnessing the benefits of infrared technology for the human body.

Unlocking Your Potential with Kymira Infrared Technology

Kymira garments are made with infrared fabric, embedded with thermo-reactive minerals. These minerals transform your body heat into infrared radiation, gently re-emitted back into your body tissues.

The Science Behind the Feeling: Real Benefits for the Outdoors

Let’s delve into the science that makes Kymira infrared technology a game-changer, offering real benefits for enthusiasts like you. Kymira focuses on three pivotal areas:

  • Peak Performance: Envision enhanced circulation and a significant blood flow boost (up to a 20% increase in tissue oxygen levels), fuelling your muscles with more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Faster Recovery: It’s not just about reaching your peak; it’s about maintaining it. Kymira infrared technology means more time enjoying your passions and less downtime due to fatigue or discomfort. It may also aid in managing and repairing injuries, reducing recovery periods post-injury or surgery.
  • Enhanced Thermoregulation: Kymira garments assist in keeping your body temperature balanced during your activities, staying warm on a chilly morning or feeling cooler during a long afternoon.
Kymira Infrared Technology - The Difference
Beyond the Claims: The Simplicity of Passive Therapy

What sets Kymira infrared technology apart is its effortless application. Unlike other recovery methods, Kymira offers a passive therapy form. Simply don the gear and let the potential benefits unfold—no extra gadgets or intricate routines required. Plus, the technology is permanently infused into the fabric, ensuring its efficacy for the garment’s lifetime.

Unveiling the Science: The Foundation of Kymira’s Infrared Technology

Embark on a journey through the microscopic highways of your body, where essential oxygen and nutrients are ferried to your muscles. Envision these pathways operating with enhanced efficiency—that’s the essence of Kymira’s infrared promise.

Elevating Blood Flow Through Infrared Therapy

Research indicates that infrared therapy can bolster nitric oxide production, a potent vasodilator that relaxes and dilates blood vessels. This leads to improved blood flow, which Kymira claims can enhance tissue oxygen levels by up to 20%, thus improving muscle performance and endurance.

Boosting Cellular Oxygenation

Beyond enhancing blood flow, FIR therapy may also elevate cellular oxygen levels. Each cell, akin to a miniature power plant, thrives on oxygen. Enhanced cellular oxygenation could be the key to the increased stamina and endurance experienced during outdoor activities with Kymira.

Seeing Results Firsthand: A Glimpse Under the Skin

Kymira’s technology promises – the benefits are observable and tangible:

  • Under the Microscope: My Personal Take – At exhibitions, we can use a special microscope that lets you see blood flow in tiny capillaries under your skin. It’s amazing to see what happens when you place Kymira fabric over the area. There’s a noticeable increase in activity – more blood cells moving through those tiny highways! This isn’t a scientific test, true, but it’s a powerful visual of how Kymira can work.
  • Smartwatch Revolution: The advent of smartwatches with pulse oximetry allows for the tracking of SpO2 levels, providing quantifiable evidence of Kymira’s impact on blood oxygen levels.
  • Real-World Validation: One example – a golfer wearing Kymira sleepwear reported a 46% increase in their oxygen recovery rate, a significant improvement over the 22% without Kymira.

As we explore the transformative experiences of Kymira users, it’s worth noting a key detail about the Celliant fabric integral to many Kymira garments. The FDA has recognized that CELLIANT products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products.

Kymira Delivers: Real People, Real Results

Elite Athletes Trust Kymira

Cricket legend and 2021 Wisden Cricketer of the Year, Darren Stevens, Member of the GB Rowing Team, Emily Ashford, and Olympic medallist Dan Norton all credit Kymira infrared technology with giving them a competitive edge.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from elite athletes, enthusiasts, and everyday people who trust Kymira to enhance their lives:

Improved Recovery:
  • Back on the Bike Faster: “After a tough Achilles tendon injury, Kymira compression socks aided my recovery. I returned to cycling much quicker than expected,” says Carl Vidgen, Challenger for ITU World Champion Aquabike Race.
  • Saying Goodbye to DOMS: “Kymira clothing has definitely helped with recovery (and goodbye DOM’s, hello to longer, faster, better sessions too!),” shares Liam Walker, an Age Group Triathlete battling knee and Achilles injuries.
  • Reduced Pain and Faster Recovery: Equestrian Suz Critchton-Stuart suffered a nasty ankle injury. “Since using Kymira socks and tights, the stiffness is reduced, pain is almost negligible, and I’m able to train again sooner,” she reports.
  • Back Pain Relief: “Chronic back pain had me down, but Kymira compression shirts made a big difference. The pain is much less severe, and I can move around more freely,” says Susan Jones.
Enhanced Performance:

Clay Shooting Improvement:

Sam Ward has been wearing one of our Edgar Brothers branded 1/4 zips for all his clay shooting – in his first three shoots wearing the garments he noticed a 10% increase in his scores.

  • Feeling Great After 18 Holes: PGA Professional Golf Coach, Oslo – Simon Page shared, ” I played 5 rounds earlier this month since my double hip replacement and noticed the difference… I felt great after 18 holes on a hilly course and had energy to practice for a couple of hours after, thanks to Kymira.”

‘Cheating’ with Extra Energy, Less Pain, MorePlay: 

“My energy levels are certainly better with Kymira,” says golfer Marina Bobeldijk. “Sometimes it almost feels like I’m cheating or having an extra club in my bag! My hands don’t ache anymore after wearing Kymira gloves before and after golf.”

Experience the Kymira Difference: Invest in Your Well-being

As we conclude our exploration of Kymira’s innovative technology, remember that the ultimate proof lies in personal experience. While the science speaks volumes, and the testimonials add voices of real-life success, it’s the subjective benefits—the ones you feel and live—that truly define the Kymira impact.

Feeling the Difference with Kymira

Do you heed the whispers of your body? With Kymira, you may perceive a subtle yet profound transformation. Muscles might feel more at ease, comfort seems enhanced, warmer – a cocoon of potential performance enhancement. It’s a sensation that’s hard to pinpoint—perhaps it’s psychological, or maybe it’s the infrared magic at work. But the outcomes are clear: better performance, the ability to play despite previous injuries, and a newfound stamina that keeps you going.

Unleash Your Peak Potential with Kymira

Here’s what Kymira infrared technology promises to bring to your life:

  • Science-backed technology: Harnessing the power of infrared to potentially boost circulation and oxygenation.
  • Real user experiences: Authentic testimonials that speak of quicker recovery, diminished pain, and elevated performance.
  • Durable and comfortable design: Garments crafted for longevity, offering sustained benefits and comfort in every activity.

Whether you’re seeking an edge in your scores,, recovering from an injury, or simply aspiring to maintain an active lifestyle as time marches on—Kymira is your ally.

Invest in Yourself

Your journey with Kymira is an investment in your health, performance, and future. Every garment is a step towards unlocking your best self. So why wait?

Believe in the science, trust in the experience, and make the choice to be better.

Choose the collection that meets your needs and start feeling the transformative power of infrared technology today.

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