Women's Golf Bottoms

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I’m now using all the KYMIRA products from the golf range, from socks to gloves, t-shirts, sweaters and hoody… I absolutely love the clothes! They are easy to wash and dry quickly. They also feel very nice on the skin.

My hands don’t ache anymore after wearing the gloves before and after golf. My recovery after exercise (golf, gym, yoga, swimming) has certainly improved by wearing KYMIRA both before, during and after exercise. Sometimes, when I feel very tired and maybe a bit sore, I even sleep in my KYMIRA! (Recovery eg.  +48% after a night with KYMIRA, in contrast to +22% without). Both the deep sleep and HRV (heart rate variability) improve.

My energy levels are certainly better and sometimes it almost feels like I’m “cheating” or having an extra club in my bag!!

Marina Bobeldijk, Handicap index 8.6

Women & Golf – November 24, 2021

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